The Split in “Right Sector” | Colonel Cassad

The former leader of the banned Russian organization “Right Sector” (PS) Dmitry Yarosh announced the creation of a new movement with the old team, “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“I, along with my team come out of the national liberation movement” Right Sector “. We initiate the creation of a new political movement, the founding congress which is scheduled for February “, – he said. The concept of operations and program principles of the new organization has formed, Jaros said.

According to him, the SS fulfilled its mission, and it is time to “focus on the development of the state.” “Our movement has grown, strengthened and moves to a new stage of its development. Now we want to appear not as uzkofunktsionalnoe as well as a national patriotic movement, “- he said.
He stressed that not abandoning the revolutionary path, but denies the “pseudo-activity.” “We are in opposition to the current government, but did not consider it expedient to bloody (and doomed to failure) revolts against it,” – said Jaros.

Dmitry Yarosh said resignation leader of “Right Sector” on November 11th. The press service of the PS said that Jarosz left the post of head of the intrigues of members of the group. – Zinc

PS. After completing his role as one of the tools of the coup in the Ukraine (where the “Right Sector” has performed one of the assembly points “street Corps”), after the seizure of power by the junta, he gradually became unnecessary.
Now our eyes held the restructuring of the organization, when the old will remain frank marginalized and different SBUshnaya creature, people associated with the oligarchs and a variety of social climbers, will go into a new project with Yarosh, who will seek more publicity and partial respectability for Sewer fascist sentiments under the new project. Given that Yarosh has long found a common language with the leadership of the junta and of the open confrontation with Poroshenko and Co. constantly eludes (as it was with the Mukachevo history), we can assume that the new project of a blurry nationalist sector is quite satisfied with the junta, as one of the current media image retouching tasks is fascist junta than the figures from these “systemic” institutions contribute to a great extent.

It is not difficult to understand, in the ideological Yarosh not rich, is more likely that he simply moved on to a new job, it is prudent forgetting his threats associated with new Maidan, hiking battalions to Kiev, the referendum on distrust Poroshenko. He said that he refuses to “the revolutionary way” of course he can not, because then the fascists who still believe in it, will disperse to other radical “leaders” and the “Fuhrer”. But where as symptomatic clause renouncing “the bloody riots” means “Right Sector” 2 years ago took part and which is constantly threatened Yarosh. But now “the bloody rebellion” junta certainly do not need, and Jaros saluted, showing consistency and complaisance.

Sam “Right Sector” after happening split dramatically lose its influence in the light of limited funding organization by Kolomoisky probably finally ejects it in margines where it is either merge with the “freedom” Tyagniboka, or else turn into one of the many fascist radical groups – ziguyusche-loud, but not dangerous for the fascist junta that solves the main task – to strengthen the power of big business and the removal of her came to her in the course of political freaks and misfits.


About the murder of “Forester”–zMPL4xzw


The names of officers of the Security Service of Ukraine, took part in the liquidation of the hero of the Maidan Muzhchilya Oleg (aka Sergey Amirov) with the call sign “Forester”. E is Lieutenant Colonel Victor Skarbenchuk Colonel Maxim Yakimenko, Senior Lieutenant Vadim Alexeev, Ruslan Polinovsky senior warrant officer, Lieutenant Colonel Valentin Kuzmenko, Colonel Sergey Tkachuk. This is with reference to its sources said the publication

According to the publication, Oleg Muzhchil prevented both individuals in the leadership of the “Right Sector” and the official Kiev regime. That “Forester” after the events in Mukachevo, when the “Right Sector” staged a gunfight with police, issued an order to all exploration AQL “PS” “switch to alert and to consider the MUP and the SBU state criminals, who are subject to disarmament, and case of resistance – destruction. “Later, at the urging of Dmitry Yarosh, he was forced to cancel his order. Because of these differences, “Forester” left “Right Sector”.

Oleg Muzhchil also repeatedly stated that “the need to fight both external and internal to the occupier.” Internal occupier he called “oligarchic regime headed by Porosheniko.” Moreover, he wrote and published abstracts “deployment in Ukraine rebel revolutionary struggle against the ruling criminal oligarchic regime,” which called for to begin “armed struggle against the regime are not in the distant future, but right now.” This scandal undermining Roshen shop in Kharkov is also attributed to the supporters of the “Forester”.

This official version of Kiev says that Oleg Muzhchil was an agent of the Kremlin and the head of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Therefore, the liquidators Ukrainian patriot, Colonel Victor Skarbenchuk Colonel Maxim Yakimenko, Senior Lieutenant Vadim Alexeev, Ruslan Polinovsky senior warrant officer, Lieutenant Colonel Valentin Kuzmenko, Colonel Sergey Tkachuk was awarded the Presidential Decree orders “for taking part in a special operation to destroy the DRG in Kiev.” Earlier, the SBU has destroyed several dozen “heroes of Maidan”, the most famous among them: Alexander Muzychko, Galuschenko Andrei, Sergei Kostakova. All of them were killed by Ukrainian special services on the direct instructions of Petro Poroshenko.

This situation is beginning to frighten the active participants of the coup in Kiev in 2014 – “the heroes of Maidan” began to suspect that you no longer need to Kiev.
“When government Poroshenko, Yatseniuk-Avakov special services do not only arrests and sentences on trumped-up charges, but also the physical elimination of the most daring and progressive revolutionary patriots. Perhaps, since the times of the power of the NKVD it was not so daring, and murderers in uniform did not feel such unpunished “, – said yesterday an active participant in the Maidan nationalist Dmitry Tsvetkov. It calls on Ukrainians to prepare a new Maidan, but recommends doing it in deep underground to power did not have time to prepare, “Lord, who consider themselves patriots and revolutionaries, if you want to win this fight, then shut up and, together with its thousand times proven ally in the deep underground prepare a new revolution. “

hil-sbu v – Zinc

PS. This light-yourself version of “Night of the Long Knives.” Yarosh unlike these characters more intelligent.
Well, of course the recipe so simple – trimmed thugs while they announce FSB agents. In that few people believe, but who dwell on the background of “political suicide” or “shot himself” Sashko White.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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