‘Putin’s Russia’ or Russia’s Putin?

Russian & Eurasian Politics

photo russia putin

by Gordon M. Hahn


Western observers often use the term ‘Putin’s Russia’ in discussing developments in Russian politics, economics, society, and culture. This has become a ‘meme’ of sorts. Its use is usually an effort to imply the Russian political regime’s authoritarianism—relatively soft, in this author’s view—under Russian President Vladimir Putin. Raising the point of Putin’s authoritarianism in one’s work, preferably at the outset of any piece of writing, is requisite if one hopes to get published nowadays. The phrase ‘Putin’s Russia’ is often intended to lead the reader to make the inferences, such as ‘the Russia of Putin’, the ‘Russia that Putin controls’, ‘Putin controls Russia’, ‘Putin controls part (most) of Russian life’, or the preferable ‘Putin controls everything in Russia.’ However, but the real operational dynamic in the relationship between Putin and ‘his’ Russia is quite the reverse – ‘Russia’s Putin.’

Putin like most other Russians today…

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One response to “‘Putin’s Russia’ or Russia’s Putin?

  1. The Europa Canal links the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers to the Black Sea, an aquatic Orient Express. It was for this reason that Yugoslavia was partitioned, to keep the Danube international. The Danube is Ukraine’s border with Romania, whose Hun Timasoara is the next conflict area. Obama was raised by his Catholic maternal grandmother and was promoted by Brzezinski, who also promoted Carter and Wojtyla.

    The Old Prussian language is actaully related to Lithuanian. Merkel’s maternal grandmother was Polish from Gdansk. Merkel fancies herself Catherine the Great. Germans Catherine and Nesselrode were the only “Russian” Imperialists. Catherine sought to Germanise Russia, bringing Mennonite Germans, like Mayakovsky’s forbears, into Russia. Hordokovsky fancies that Russia must return to Scandinavian Varangian roots of Novgorod. At the time of the Bolshevik revolution, Russia was the largest petroleum producer. Casey got the Saudis to flood the petroleum market in 1982 to bring down the soviets in Afghanistan. The Tsar chased Napoleon to Paris, leading to the Russian word for fast becoming a type of restaurant, bystro. This is why Napoleon’s nephew prosecuted the Crimean war, which the pope called the Crusade Against the Heresy of Photius. France was indebted to the Russian central bank for saving them from the 1838 and 1846 panics. Greece was occupied during the Crimean War, so Greece replaced her Catholic king with a Dane married to a Russian whose son became Constantine XII.

    Greece was not allowed to regain Constantinople to keep Russia from the straits, yet every old American world history book said ancient Greek power depended on the straits. Alexander the Great’s father took the straits to prevent Athens feeding herself with Scythian wheat. Athens farmed Scythia while Sparta farmed Italy, hence Italy and Russia, twin daughters of Greece, are very jealous of each other. Without the straits, Greece is doomed a commercial cripple.

    The Greek 1967 junta planned to quickly try Andreas Papandreou and restore elections, but LBJ forbade it on grounds Papandreou was American. Andreas raised the Greek debt to income ratio from one third to unity and his son raised it by another half, deliberately bankrupting Greece to obstruct the 1975 Karamanlis plan for Russian energy pipelines. As soon as Obama became president, Greece was striken by Canvasopedia.org riots which restored Papandreou.


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