Bosphorus and a new air base | Colonel Cassad

For the panic on the subject of the Bosphorus.

Ships and vessels of the Russian Navy have no problems with passing Bosporus and Dardanelles straits, and the meeting with the Turkish submarine is common in conditions of heavy traffic in the pouring zone, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, the military-diplomatic source.
Earlier, some media reported that the access of Russian ships in the Straits proved difficult after the deterioration of Russian-Turkish relations. According to the journalists, the ships have to wait long to permit the passage of the Straits, and the transport of the Russian Navy “Yauza” was welcomed in the Dardanelles the Turkish submarine.
“No problems with the passage of ships of the Russian Black Sea straits at the moment is not observed, although it is quite normal that some vessels are waiting to pass the strait due to its workload or natural disasters, hampering navigation” – a spokesman said.
He said that the Turkish authorities which regulate navigation in the Straits, sometimes close them due to fog or the opening movement first in one direction and then the other because of the congestion of vessels in the pouring area.
“As the Turkish submarine, there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that she met with our transport – these boats are regularly Strait in both directions, as well as other ships of the Turkish Navy,” – said the source. vmf_rf_net_problem_s_prokhozhdeniem_prol iva_bosfor/1-1-0-51094 zinc

PS. As mentioned earlier 9781.html, the overlap of the Bosphorus would mean an open escalation of the conflict, what is at this stage no interest of the Russian Federation or Turkey. It’s more of a potential threat, which is in stock at Erdogan, when events begin to go out of control. While appealing to the Turks busiest straits of course minor mischief may not overstep certain boundaries related to the violation of the Montreux Convention.

Syrian air base.

PS2. Also worth noting on the information on the deployment of a second air base in Syria in the province of Homs. Not yet officially confirmed, but the expansion of the Syrian Air Group for a long time suggests whatever Shayrata as the current count of planes and helicopters apparently not enough for all of the many Syrian fronts, and the use of long-range aviation is more of a temporary support (and very expensive) than the full replacement permanently current tactical aviation. Probably it will increase as the number of bombers and attack aircraft, and the number of fighters in the light of the recent incident with the Su-24.

On Milkavkaze posted map of the area.

A notable feature is the large number of Shayrata concreted hangars, which facilitates the work for the conversion of the airfield to the needs of HV Cable Network, Russian Federation, if the decision on the full use of Shayrata will be formally adopted. So far, the only confirmed what was already being used as a Shayrat airfield “bounce” for aircraft operating with Hmeymima targets in the province of Homs.

In general, along with increased military participation of NATO in the Syrian war will occur, and further expansion of the Russian Federation and group videoconferencing security forces.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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