Petersburg, Paris, and the Lessons of Black November

Russian & Eurasian Politics

phot rev and jihad

by Gordon M. Hahn

Both the St. Petersburg flight from Egypt and the city of Paris have fallen victim to terrorist attacks carried out, by all appearances, by the new leader of the global jihadi revolutionary movement, the Islamic State (IS). Its jihadists blew the Russian civilian airliner, flight A321, out of the sky on October 31st, killing all 223 on board. On Friday, November 13th IS plotters a series of terrorist suicide bombings and shooting raids, killing more than 150 French citizens. For nearly a decade now I have been calling for a grand international alliance to fight the global jihad. More recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a similar call. Others have as well. All of these calls have failed.

Americans have long forgot who was the first leader to call then President George Bush and express his condolences for, and solidarity with the American people after…

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Stauffenberg was Right!

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