CTdX1UKXAAAKygL.png largeInformation has confirmed that the blockade of the air base Kuwayres has been broken. The siege breaking group was able to establish direct contact with the Kuwayres garrison that was cut off from the main forces for more than 2 years .

The operation took approximately one month, during this time, Assad’s troops managed to break the resistance of the troops of the Caliphate. The Syrian army was still stronger than the black banners.

1. Counter-attacks on communications lines at Khanaser were effectively repelled.
2. Reflected a powerful offensive of the Caliphate on the flanks of the advancing Syrian troops, when it was temporarily lost Jabbul, and the infantry of the Caliphate was rolled out to the outskirts of Al-Nasiriyah and Al-Safira.
3. After weeks of fierce fighting in Sheikh Ahmad, the troops took only 2 days to reach the highway through Kuwaries Sharqi and link up with the garrison Kuwayres.
4. In the end, formed a long intestine, which is both strength and weakness at the same time, completely changing the entire alignment to the East of Aleppo.

On the one hand, if Assad forces will stop and will lock the current configuration of the front, it is quite natural from both sides of the gut will be exposed to the attacks of the of the Caliphate with the objective to re-cut  Kuwayres off from the main group of forces of the Syrian army. To hold such a long front, with the loss of the initiative will be hard. So while the initiative for Assad, there is need to continue the offensive, using the fact that the troops of the Caliphate blocked the Kuwaries was partially cut off from the main supply lines is especially critical for the Caliphate’s loss of control over the road which runs at Kuwaries Sharqi.

CTdmw6CUAAAfAhP.jpg large


CTdmH_uWUAAoYwOOverall, if you take a fall offensive in General, deblockading Kuwayres is the most significant success of the Syrian army in the last month and this success is of an operational nature.This can seriously affect the course of the battle for Aleppo, allowing Assad to establish stronger control over the situation around Aleppo. The Caliphate in the coming days will certainly try to counterattack at Kuwayres to fix things on this site, otherwise their operational problems to the East of Aleppo will begin to grow.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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