The Darkening of ‘Color Revolutions’ 2.0: Maidan Regime Investigates Its Founders for Mass Murder

Russian & Eurasian Politics

Ukrainian neofascists

by Gordon M. Hahn

Many years ago I wrote a piece on the darkening of so-called ‘color revolutions’, including Ukraine’s original ‘revolution’ – the so-called Orange revolution (Gordon M. Hahn, “Colored Revolutions Darken,” Russia: Other Points of View, 18 April 2008, The latter really was not so much a revolution as an intra-elite power struggle won by way of a coup backed elements in society mobilized temporarily so that one elite group could defeat another. That Orange intra-elite revolt opened the way for Ukraine’s ultra-nationalists and their ideology to become mainstream. The big news from Ukraine in recent days reveals the something eerily similar but even more disturbing.

Judging by mass media the big news over the last week would seem to be two-fold: (1) progress on Minsk 2 with the DNR and LNR’s decision to postpone holding elections outside the Ukrainian state’s jurisdiction and (2) the Dutch…

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