Russia seizes initiative in Syria crisis; France bombs Islamic State

It was announced in Baghdad that Russian military officials were working with counterparts from Iran, Syria and Iraq on intelligence and security cooperation to counter Islamic State, which has captured large areas of both Syria and Iraq.

The move was seen in the region as potentially giving Moscow more sway in the Middle East.

President Vladimir Putin derided U.S. efforts to end the Syria war, which has driven a tide of refugees into neighboring states and Europe. He said Moscow, which this month sent tanks and warplanes to a Russian military base in Syria, was trying to create a “coordinated framework” to resolve the conflict.

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The combined Russian/Syrian/YPG/Hezbollah offensive to liberate Syria begins

YPG forces have seized the Castello road which links the northern neighborhoods of Aleppo city with the eastern districts. The road has been used by Nusra militants and allied Islamist rebels as a supply line during battles against regime forces in the city. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and National Defense Forces (NDF) have recently launched an offensive at the Deir Hafer Plains of east Aleppo in order to lift the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s (ISIS) two year long siege of the Kuweires Military Airport.

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No “Chinese aircraft carrier” has been found

The original report was from Debka file, which does have real sources in Israeli Intelligence but also prints complete bullshit regularly. At this point some photo or other evidence of this Aircraft Carrier would have come out. China only has one Aircraft Carrier, and they are sort of large and hard to miss. We have no reports of it leaving for the Mediterranean in the first place, or of it traversing the Suez canal.

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