Right Sector: Structure and Leadership

Russian & Eurasian Politics

Photo Right Sector

by Gordon M. Hahn

Below I present the structure and leadership of Ukraine’s influential neo-fascist movement and political party, Right Sector (Praviy Sektor or RS). Right Sector was founded on November 29, 2013 on the Maidan by three neo-fascist groups, including the notorious neo-Nazi party, the Social-National Assembly, of which the Maidan regime’s first chairman of the Ukrainian Defense and Security Committee Andriy Parubiy was a founding leader (http://pravyysektor.info/appeals/pryvitannya-dmytra-yarosha-z-richnytseyu-pravoho-sektora/). Its leader, Dmitro Yarosh was appointed an advisor to the Ukrainian Armed Forces last month. RS’s armed forces, the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, has refused to subordinate itself to the Ukrainian armed forces’ command, however. RS has claimed responsibility for the 2 May 2014 terrorist pogrom in which 48 people were killed, most of them burned alive.



Central Leadership

Leader (“Coordinator”) – Dmitro Yarosh, advisor to the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff

Deputy Leader – Andrei Tarasenko (political and…

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