Why Libertarians will never make a revolution.


When libertarians say “revolution” they seem to be referring to some private fantasy about John Galt and bit coin darknets and bla bla bla. I am talking here about the documented historical experience of revolutions and the modern practice. You don’t have to look any farther than the results of the Arab Spring Revolutions to see how grim and brutal revolutions are, and how often they are put down even by highly incompetent and completely corrupt states.

The Libertarian wants to play this game, yet he doesn’t want the prize: power. He is morally opposed to every known method of revolution. He isn’t interested in the history or the modern practice. He has no theory of power, no analysis of the enemy and no strategy. Perhaps the libertarian is not a revolutionary? Clearly he is not cut out for the work.

You don’t need any Marxism at all to understand that revolutions are wars and that a war is organized mass murder. What side of the murder do you plan to be on? The state is going to come after you with a trillion dollar murder machine that has laid entire countries to waste. Almost everyone you know will snitch you out after five minutes with the blackwater guy and a power drill. So will you. Everything they did in Iraq, El Salvador, and Vietnam, they will do to an American revolution, with even more brutality. If necessary entire states would be leveled. Everyone caught alive would be fed into the black site camp system for systematic torture and sexual abuse, rape and execution. (Remember Abu Grahib? Those were all American prison guards in the reserve. They didn’t learn that stuff at boot camp. They learned it at work, in the American Prison system that already exists.)

If you are going to play such a desperate game, you play to win. Losing means a shallow grave or a torture chamber. Your precious liberal principles have no place in the Darwinian struggles of a revolution or a civil war, and in any case would be quickly extinguished, one way or another. Do you want to wise up before or after they put you in the camp? It is up to you.

Either face the problem seriously or abandon it entirely.

A revolution is a massive initiation of violence and deception against the ruling class. Our entire political order was built and is constantly maintained by the use of spectacular levels of murderous violence, and it is not going to allow you overthrow it with peaceful means. Like the liberals they are, Libertarians go into bitter convulsions of hand wringing and moralizing whenever they are confronted by this rather obvious and indeed banal observation.

A revolution against a state as heavily armed and well entrenched as America is going to require a fairly spectacular organization that would have to be one of the most sophisticated and effective revolutionary organizations in human history. The entirely American right (excepting William Lind and a few others) is just basically retarded on the organizational question. In addition to being completely retarded on the subject, Libertarians also want to inject the most extreme and idiotic practices of liberalism into their organizations at every possible point. You might as well play Russia roulette with an automatic shotgun.

To even survive, a modern underground organization has to have secret (and mostly unelected) leaders who operate with near total power and under zero oversight; it must lie about everything at every turn, as a rule, and it must enforce an iron internal discipline of obedience and loyalty. These are all terrible, unforgivable sins to our precious libertarian moralist. He would not want to stain his clean white hands with such filth while he is waiting for John Galt.

An actual revolution would require (among other things) the wholesale violation of property rights in the most extreme fashion, the complete destruction of huge amounts of property and wealth, and it would likely cause the total collapse of the American economic system. It would require systematic expropriation (at gun point), the confiscation of weapons, the establishment of martial law, the execution (without trial) of traitors and spies, the suppression of internal dissent, and also, by the way, a whole lot of killing.

The best case scenario would mean a catastrophically destabilized country with a broken economic system, at least a few cities reduced to radioactive rubble, and mass causalities among the people numbering into the millions. Perhaps the revolution could somehow avoid committing any terrible crimes itself, but the state would carry out every last crime and atrocity it is capable of. How many trillions have we spent to arm it? Do you know what it is capable of? What a B-52 would do to Detroit?

In other words, any real revolution would mean the literal annihilation of every liberal value that libertarians claim to cherish.

Clearly, what libertarians actually want is a disposable revolution that is made entirely out of bullshit. You want a make believe fairy tale about your moral redemption and historical vindication that you can enjoy as a role playing game for the white leisure class. You want to build Galt’s gulch in the ice cream mountains of the My Little Libertarian Ponies. Like so much else in the American psyche this is really just a product, the political equivalent of the children’s cartoons about branded action figures.

While libertarians style themselves as the last old believers of classic liberalism, Libertarianism is a highly post-modern and post-liberal phenomenon that is not only evidence of the death of liberalism, but is itself a direct product of that event. It is an ideology in the classic sense of the word: A crystallization in myth and moralizing of the lies and self-delusions of a marginal faction of the neo-liberal leisure class, yet it exists almost nowhere but in virtual spaces. This hologram of a resistance is hermetically sealed off from any real political power, functioning mainly as a spectacle that distracts the little liberal sheep from the pain and humiliation of the blue glove being violently inserted into his ass.


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