Skinheads Fail to Understand Philosophy, Martin Heidegger Conspiracy Feared


SkinheadIn a bizarre chain events,  internet based skinhead groups have been horrified to discover that traditionalism is in fact,  actually traditionalism. In a unfurling tragi-comedy, skinhead organisations have been stricken with horror to realise that the New Right was in fact, not the Old Right. Skinheads all over the world are tearfully casting aside copies of the Fourth Political Theory and mourning racial genocide as a consequence of time spent trying to understand ontological states of Being and Martin Heidegger.

“But I thought it would just be about race” one lard assed internet user declared from his basement as he hurled a copy of the Fourth Political Theory into his three foot high mountain of unwashed clothes and old pizza boxes.

“But Da Jews, man DA JEWS” he shouted whilst looking at websites on shape-shifting reptiles,“da Jews run everything. Can’t get a date, can’t get a job, can’t even get…

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Stauffenberg was Right!

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